Environmental social movements

Green politics proved to be an urgent issue throughout the 20th century. As people started to exploit natural resources actively after the Industrial Revolution began, British urban middle-class expressed concerns about the levels of smoke pollution in the air yet in the 19th  century. The trend soon expanded to the US and covered a broader spectrum of issues, including wildlife preservation and water pollution. In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson founded the National Park Service called to save animals from extinction. To promote environmental education, a Wisconsin Senator founded the Earth Day in 1970. In a year, the world met Greenpeace as the first global organization to promote diversity. By the end of the century, the problem of carbon emissions became a primary threat to societies. The Kyoto protocol meant to put an end to a century-long fight for clean air.

Today, environmentalism concerns mostly climate change and related issues. As the Kyoto Protocol terminated, the Paris Climate agreement succeeded it. France plans to take radical actions to curb greenhouse emissions by 2040, even though not all parties to the agreement share its enthusiasm. The geological landscape and biological profile of the planet change fast so that environmentalists take action to preserve extinct species. Nevertheless, global warming is not the only cause behind the loss of species. Intensive agriculture and human settlements that expand push animals out of their natural habitat. In the 21st century, we observe a greater bond of environmentalism and economy. Transition to the renewable energy is likely to break the global dependence on fossil fuels for the sake of unlimited production of clean energy.

What is investment climate?

Relying on one’s domestic income is good, but it is even better to invest in foreign businesses. Before investors move their assets abroad, they check whether the target countries offer any financial incentives or unique opportunities. These conditions form an investment climate that indicates whether the country is open to investors or not. The World Bank recently identified four main factors that motivate individuals to invest in the country. They are natural resources, open markets, tax incentives, and legal protection. The absence of corruption, economic stability, innovations, skilled labor force, and technological support also matter for investors.

According to the United Nations, Malaysia stands as the top investment destination in 2017. The country is famous for its skilled workforce, pro-business government, growing tourism industry, and emerging real-estate market. Singapore stands next to Malaysia with its young educated population and strong intellectual property laws. The government offers all kinds of incentives to businesses ready to invest here. India recently became another Asian country attractive to investors. The reasons are the same – young workforce, liberal laws, and low corruption.

An appealing investment climate is crucial for emerging markets. While investors are abundant in advanced economies, they should better come and create workplaces in the developing countries. But not all emerging markets advance as fast as Malaysia or Singapore. The Russian Federation still hampers investors with its budget and tax-related problems. Sadly, Kenya, Nigeria, and Indonesia do not look secure to foreign investors yet.

National and cultural identity

Many people keep asking the question who they are, although it is not difficult to determine their national and cultural belonging. National and cultural identities are close though not always interchangeable notions. People of the same nationality share their descent, language, culture, and religion. Cultural identity refers to the common mindset of people. In most cases, they are of the same nationality, but cultural identity may unite people from different countries as well if they were raised in the same conditions. There can be several cultures and subcultures within one nation, and some cultures cover entire continents.

It seems natural to determine one’s national identity according to the country people were born in. However, the Pew Research Center recently discovered that in some countries people care little about the birthplace of their community. The majority of Australians, Canadians, and Americans, as well as Germans and Swedes, consider the birthplace of individuals as not very important to their national identity. To be born in a certain country is not the same as live here for a considerable time span. Instead, people find it important to speak the same language and share national traditions. Americans also view religion as an essential part of their national identity.

While people of different nationalities can get on quite well, it is crucial for them to share at least some cultural values. A common cultural background helps to find the common language and understand each other better. On the contrary, people belonging to different cultures often cannot understand each other even if they are speaking about the same things. After all, our communication also includes mimic, gestures, and tone of voice besides the verbal language we speak.

Income inequality

Income inequality is a matter of fact in the US and other developed countries. In the 1980s, about 30% of the US national income went to 10% of Americans, and in 2012, the income distributed to the wealthiest reached 50%. More detailed, the top 1% of the population took 20% of the national income. As the salaries gradually rise, the income of the top 1% grew by 10% and the poorest part of the society saw the growth by 1-2%.

Technology, education, competition, outsourcing, and generational poverty are responsible for the income inequality. Companies do not need as many employees as they had before because of the technological progress. It is profitable and efficient to refuse from the human workforce in many fields so that companies rush to optimize their manufacturing. If they cannot replace people with machines, businesses turn to outsourcing. Hiring people abroad is much cheaper than running business in the US, which also deprives Americans of numerous job places.

In the conditions of tough competition, Americans cannot get a proper education to reach for highly-paid positions. College education is not accessible to all high school graduates, and even those with a college diploma find it hard to get a good job. Besides people pursuing a better education, we also have those in generational poverty. These people accustomed to their family being poor and have no role model to follow. They are hardly motivated by education because it is the prerequisite of “the rich”.

The inequality between the rich and the poor will hardly disappear because of the hierarchy we have in any workplace. But the poor can still improve their living as they get a better education and new employment prospects. To achieve this, we need a strong subsidized education available to all.

Do teachers have to give out homework tasks on the weekends?

This time I’ll give you extra home assignment because you have the whole weekend ahead. All students are familiar with this phrase that evokes so much indignation. A generous portion of homework is essential to let children polish the skills they obtain in the class, and teachers usually think the more homework they give, the better kids learn. In fact, an excessive home assignment is a trap that prevents students from effective learning and developing a natural curiosity to the subject. But most teachers are not aware of that.

Letting children have a good deal of leisure time on weekend looks like a huge allowance. Every hour of free time shall benefit the child’s development, and there is no better way to arrange it than completing one’s homework. But technically, extra home assignment is nothing else than the child abuse. Every underage person shall have a fixed workload at school and a time to recover from the academic stress.

Some academic studies say that more than 2 hours of homework after spending 7-8 hours in school is too much for a student. Doing 4-6 hours of homework after classes, children cannot get enough sleep, not even to mention any leisure time activities. Weekends are also the child’s personal space-time that teachers shall not trespass. Intense studying is a distressing mental work for anyone, and children need extra time to rest both emotionally and physically. Lack of leisure time results in academic depression and neuroticism widespread among middle and high school students. And excessive homework is the first factor that locks children from having a quality rest after school.

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